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Fresh Grapes


In India,the land of nasik is a heaven for growing internationally acclaimed table and wine variety grapes.Nestled at the feet of the sahyadri hills, Nasik is endowed with suitable soil and climate .Suman International is leading exporter of home grown grapes for past several years..These grapes are grown on the soil of sahyadri hills located in nasik district of state Maharashtra in india. Before processing thee grapes are specifically selected and picked at perfect maturity level for optimum output.

Pack-house (Fully Automated conveyor line)

The Pack-house of Suman International is specifically designed with fully equipped with state of the art equipment required for sorting, grading & packaging as per international standards

The pack-houses works  pack 24 hours per day during the peak grape season . The handling of the fruit is of paramount importance to the company, thus ensuring only the very best quality is packed .The capacity of packing is 5500 (5Kg each) boxes per day.


Suman international has been conscious of the importance of superior infrastructure from its inception. There has been always a focus on creating and maintaining infrastructure at par with the industry,resulting in most modern and state of the art pack house has been developed, innovative trailer designs have been created for smooth transportation, pre-cooling ,col storage and processing facilities have been enhanced.


  • Variety : White Grapes : Thomson Seedless
  • Packing Net Wt: 4.5 kg per box (1-40 feet container 3400 boxes )
  • Net Wt: 5 kg punnet (1-40 feet container 2400 boxes)
  • Net Wt: 8.2 kg punnet (1-40 feet container 2040 boxes)
  • Details : Berry size 16mm & above
  • Bricks : 16%
  • Acidity : 0.67-0.80% TSS: 18-20
  • Availability : February – April


  • Variety : Sharad/Flames/Jumbo
  • Packing Net Wt: 4.5 kg (9-10 pouches/Box )
  • Net Wt: 5 kg (punnet 10 X 500 Gram/Box )
  • Net Wt: 8.2 kg (17-18 Poches/Box)
  • Details : Berry size 16mm & above
  • Bricks : 16%
  • Acidity : 0.67-0.80% TSS: 18-20
  • Availability : January – March

Nutrient value

  • Rich sources of vitamins A, C, B6
  • Rich in minerals like iron, potassium, phosphorous
  • Contains powerful anti oxidants
  • High fiber content
  • Contains essential proteins
  • Benefits
Helpful in asthma Overcomes fatigue
Reduces chances of heart attack Reduces kidney stones
Cures migraine Antibacterial
Overcomes constipation Anti- cancer
Cures indigestion
Table grapes typically require a hot, dry climate, deep well drained soil and a large amount of irrigation water. The state of Maharashtra dominates the commercial grape production in India. The Indian grape season falls between the Chilean and Mexican seasons, making Indian grapes an essential component of year-round supplies of grapes.

    Packaging: Corrugated Carton, Punnets, Pouches, Zip Lock Pouch

Food & beverage purpose