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Garlic is a hardy, bulbous, rooted, perennial plant with narrow flat leaves and bears small white flowers and bulbils. The compound bulb consists of 6 to 34 bulblets called ‘cloves’ which are surrounded by a common, thin, white or pinkish papery sheet. Garlic has a strong flavor and taste.

History of the Lahsun (Garlic)
Garlic or lahsun has a very long folk history of use in a wide range of ailments, particularly ailments such as ringworm, Candida and vaginitis where its fungicidal, antiseptic, tonic and parasiticidal properties have proved of benefit. The plant produces inhibitory effects on gram-negative germs of the typhoid-paratyphoid-enteritis group; it possesses outstanding germicidal properties and can keep amoebic dysentery at bay. It is also said to have anticancer activity. Garlic reduces glucose metabolism in diabetics, slows the development of arteriosclerosis and lowers the risk of further heart attacks in myocardial infarct patients. Externally, the expressed juice is an excellent antiseptic for treating wounds.


Garlic is used for flavouring various dishes practically all over the world. In United States almost half of the produce is dehydrated for use in mayonnaise products, salad dressings and in several meat preparations. Raw garlic is used in the preparation of garlic powder, garlic salt, garlic vinegar, garlic cheese croutins, garlicked potato chips, garlic bread, garlicked bacon etc. Spray dried garlic products, liquid garlic preparations are other products. In India and other Asian and Middle East Countries, garlic is used in pickles, curry powders, curried vegetables, meat preparations etc. Oil of garlic is used as a flavouring agent in soups, canned foods, sauces etc.
The other properties are anti-bacterial, fungicidal and insecticidal. In the area of medicine, it is used for various ailments of stomach, skin diseases. It has wider applications in indigenous medicines and is also considered ashighly nutritive.

Health Benefits of Garlic:

1. Garlic Contains a Compound Called Allicin, Which Has Potent Medicinal Properties
2. Garlic Is Highly Nutritious, But Has Very Few Calories
3. Garlic Can Combat Sickness, Including the Common Cold
4. The Active Compounds in Garlic Can Reduce Blood Pressure
5. Garlic Improves Cholesterol Levels, Which May Lower The Risk of Heart Disease
6. Garlic Contains Antioxidants That May Help Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia
7. Garlic May Help You Live Longer
8. Athletic Performance Can be Improved With Garlic Supplementation
9. Eating Garlic Can Help Detoxify Heavy Metals in the Body
10. Garlic May Improve Bone Health
11. Garlic Is Easy to Include In Your Diet and Tastes Absolutely Delicious

The contents of garlic endow it with preventive and curative properties. It has vitamins and minerals and helps the body to absorb other vitamins. It is particularly rich in vitamin B6, and is also high in iodine. Vitamin C and selenium are antioxidants and anti-carcinogenic.

Garlic has anti-bacterial properties and works as an internal antiseptic. It contains sulfur, which is an antiseptic and has healing and therapeutic properties. Allicin in garlic has anti-fungal and medicinal properties. The garlic has been a treasured medicinal plant through the ages, as it binds toxic minerals and heavy metals like lead and cadmium and aids in their expulsion. Garlic can kill germs resistant to antibiotics. The body is also able to convert garlic to alkaline ash during digestion.

Store garlic in a cool, dark, dry place with good air circulation. Check on it occasionally, and remove any cloves that have gone bad, being careful not to nick the remaining cloves.
Quality Assurance
As we believe in providing quality products that are close to nature, we conduct various stringent quality tests under the supervision of the experts. These tests are performed with due care from the very initial stage of procurement of the products to the final stage of delivery to the end users.
For best results, fresh garlic or preparations that mimic it need to be used. Dried or cooked garlic, as well as garlic oil, lose a significant amount of potency during processing (though they aren’t worthless and are still beneficial to eat as food). Preparations used for medicinal purposes should state that they have allicin potential of at least 6,000 mcg on the label. Alternately, eat one chopped clove of fresh garlic per day. (The fresh garlic that has been peeled and sometimes minced and sold in jars in the grocery store is not potent enough.)

Good quality garlic supplements list the “allicin potential” they contain and not a certain amount of allicin. This means that when the supplement gets to the stomach, it releases 6,000 mcg of allicin, the pungent chemical that accounts for garlic’s sharp flavor. The supplements do not contain actual allicin, because this compound is extremely unstable and quickly breaks down. Instead, good garlic supplements contain alliin, the stable precursor to allicin. It is released only upon digestion, so your body can make the best use of it.


Fresh Garlic (Bulb)
Indian Garlic peculiarity: Indian Garlic is very Spicy, testy and Aromatic than Chinese Garlic , it is best for cooking.
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Allium sativum is the scientific botanical name of the plant. In the common languages of India such as in Assamese it is called as Naharu; in Hindi it is called as Lasun, Lessan, Lahsun; in Bengali it is called as Rashun; in Gujarati it is called as Lasan; Kannada it is called as Bellulli; in Kashmiri it is called as Ruhan; in Malayalam it is called as Vellulli; in Marathi it is called as Lusson; in Oriya it is called as Rasuna; in Punjabi it is called as Lassan, Lasun; in Sanskrit it is called as Lashuna; in Tamil it is called as Ullipundu, Vellaippundu; in Telugu it is called as Velluri; in Urdu it is called as Lassun, Leshun.

Closely related to the onion. It has a powerful pungent or hot flavor when raw, which mellows when it is cooked. It has very strong odor. Bulbs, whose segments are usually called "cloves" are the part of the plant most commonly eaten. Garlic is used as a condiment and as flavoring in gravies, sauces, soups, stews, pickles, salads, salad dressing and breads. Garlic pickles and freshly ground garlic chutneys are popular side dishes for rice, snacks and chappathis. Garlic powder is made from ground dehydrated cloves and is used widely as a substitute for fresh garlic. Garlic helps to purify the blood and lower blood pressure. It is considered as a cure for heart ailments.

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Garlic can be eaten uncooked or cooked. Small and large, whether uncooked or cooked, garlic comprises the necessary foundation for a lot of preparations, ranging from a meager cold condiment to a complicated hot sauce. A garlic clove can be used as a whole, severed into pieces, sliced thin, or finely chopped. It depends on how obvious one wants its occurrence to be in the cooked dish. The rule of the thumb is that the better the garlic is chopped and the darker it is permitted to be in the process of cooking, the sharper flavor it will give. Hence, judicious use of garlic is advised.