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Suman International is leading exporter of Fresh Red Onion, “SUMAN” are reputed brand in Gulf and South Asian Market, we are specialized in procurement, packaging and Transportation of Indian Fresh Red Onion, all the process done under the supervision of responsible company staff and main focus ob Quality and accurate quantity. As our motto we are focused to Deliver the Freshness.

  • Fresh Red Onion plant grown for its fleshy, edible bulb
  • We supply Fresh Red Onion of Indian Origin which are widely acceptable in allover world due to its pungent smell and delicious taste
  • A volatile oil in the bulb produces the typical onion taste, which may be sharp or milder
  • We supply best Fresh Red Onion (45mm+) or as per requirement of buyer chose best from selected farms
  • Onions those are firm and dry, with a shiny peel and no sprouting.
  • Size range from small to big according to requirement of buyers.
  • Fresh Red Onion, are ship after cleaning, grading, drying and packing and Pre-cooling.
  • If short transit time we use Dry Containers other wise we prefer Reefer Container for Longer Transit time.
  • Onion storage is done in dry and optimum shade with proper aeration.
  • For reefer Container loading under guidance technical expert Temperature, Relative humidity and other storage specifications.

    • Red Onion 5-50 kg Mesh bag.
    • Consumer packing can also be done with private label.

Apart from being used in food, Onion has potential in treating cardiovascular disease, hyperglycemia, and stomach cancer, although few quality clinical trials are available to support these uses. Topical preparations have been evaluated for the prevention of surgical scarring with varying results.